Project Description



ASHCOR is an international flaring technology provider for a wide range of industry segments including oil and gas, biogas and mining. Grown by a team of oil-and-gas veterans, ASHCOR originated from installation, service and maintenance and has evolved based on the desire to help companies become more efficient in their operations through flaring and combustion solutions. The experienced ASHCOR team is dedicated to recognizing the needs and processes of a company to create an efficient service environment with solutions powered by ClearSign Core™ to exceed regulatory requirements.

Natural Draft Low Emissions Combustor

ASCHOR’s Low Emissions Combustor, powered by ClearSign Core™ technology, achieves the industry’s lowest NOx and CO emissions while maintaining >99.99+% destruction efficiency. All units are equipped with ASHCOR flame arresters and Profire burner management controls.

  • Stainless Steel or Painted Carbon Steel Fabrication

  • Upgrades Available to Include Solar Panel Functionality

  • Gas Train Controls and Monitors Gas Flow to The Burners

  • Continuous Pilot and Flame Presence Monitoring

  • Pressure Based System Operation

  • Refractory Lined

  • Data Recording

Special Features

Modular Burner Design
Reduces Conventional Flame Lengths
Reduces Noise

Product Specifications

  • 5 – 87 MMBTU/hr

  • Ultra Low NOx <5ppm

  • Ultra Low CO <5ppm

  • 99.99+% DRE

  • Eliminates VOC’s


  • Upstream Oil & Gas

    Ideal for the destruction of VOC’s in production operations including: flowback, tank battery, waste gas destruction (heaters and separators), well plug an abandon operations.

  • Midstream Oil & Gas

    Ideal for the truck loading, rail terminals and barge loading applications.

  • Downstream Oil & Gas

    Ideal for oil and gas processing facilities and petrochemical storage facilities.


Why ClearSign Core™

When a flame is enclosed, it is less able to radiate heat to the atmosphere. If excess air ratios are insufficient, the temperature inside the stack will rise. Such high temperatures can create additional thermal NOx, the primary mechanism contributing to overall NOx emissions.

ClearSign Core™ technology delays ignition by incorporating a high-temperature porous ceramic matrix positioned a few feet away from the fuel-air injection plane. Fuel and air are thoroughly mixed before reaching the matrix and entrain internal flue gases that dilute the mixture before being combusted. The mixture is then ignited by a continuous pilot and contained within a flame length that is typically less than 12in.

“By bringing the Core technology into the vapor combustor space, ClearSign is able to offer emissions performance and efficiencies an order of magnitude better than other technologies and by doing so is able to provide additional flexibility to operators looking to maximize asset utility.” – Matt Hosie – Director of Operations

The high temperature porous ceramic matrix has significantly better emissivity properties than a luminous flame and much more of the thermal energy is radiated into the combustion chamber than in a conventional burner. The thorough mixing of internal flue gases and enhanced radiation, result in a lower peak flame temperature; and through the combination of less time and lower peak temperature, less thermal NOx is generated while also promoting complete combustions and destruction of VOCs. With the maintained chamber temperature, a higher DRE is achieved in the same combustor size as conventional burner technologies.