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ClearSign Eye™
Pilot Sensor


Pilot Sensor Industries

InPlace Pilot Sensor

The ClearSign Eye™ InPlace Pilot Sensor is designed to be installed with a custom or modified mounting plate allowing for the sensor to be removed while leaving the pilot in place.

RetroFit Pilot Sensor

The ClearSign Eye™ RetroFit Pilot Sensor is designed to directly replace flame rods on installed burners without requiring any modification to the existing mounting plate. The sensor assembly is installed using the existing flame rod mounting plate hole.

ClearSign Eye™
Product Demonstration

The ClearSign Eye™ pilot sensor is a new and innovative technology designed to provide pilot flame sensing without the reliability issues of existing technology.



Q – Where can I buy the sensor?2019-10-23T17:15:13+00:00

Please contact We would love to learn more about your specific use case and determine if the sensor is the solution for you.

Q – When the pilot flame is not detected, can the customer set the delay timer before the system sends an off signal to the burner management system?2020-10-07T15:27:01+00:00

Yes.  The control module allows the customer to set the delay from 0-5 seconds in half second increments.

Q – Is the bracket or sensor assembly susceptible to grounding or shorting with wear?2020-10-07T15:28:04+00:00

Unlike traditional flame rod and bracket assembly construction which can wear over time and crack leading to signal issues or shorts, the majority of our components are stainless-steel, including the pilot bracket.  This was done to make a more robust and reliable product.

Q – How fast is the response time?2019-10-23T17:13:33+00:00

Very fast! The sensor is capable of measuring at a rate of about 10 microseconds. However, this is much faster than the dynamics of a flame, therefore the sensor typically operates at a more useful millisecond timescale.

Q – What is the output of the sensor?2020-10-07T15:28:39+00:00

The sensor control module connects to the customer DIN rail enclosure and transmits a 4-20mA signal to the burner management system.

Q – Does the sensor pickup nearby flames, such as in a multiburner furnace?2019-11-18T22:12:20+00:00

No, the sensor only detects a flame locally and will not produce a signal from nearby flames; this includes adjacent burners as well as opposed burners.

Q – Do the electrodes need to touch the flame?2020-10-07T15:30:18+00:00

No, unlike a flame rod the ClearSign Eye™ Pilot Sensor does not have to contact the flame. The electrodes are typically positioned upstream near the perimeter of the flame zone.

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