Leadership Team

Dr. Jim Deller

Jim joined the ClearSign team in 2019, bringing 28 years of burner experience and over a decade of operating and sales experience in China. Over the course of Jim’s career he has held roles in project management, sales and as chief combustion engineer. Most recently,  Jim spearheaded the Honeywell UOP Callidus burner sales division and successfully led international teams to develop and introduce new technologies, expand into new markets and increase global burner sales.

Jim leads all segments of ClearSign’s research and development, sales and business management divisions. Jim’s reputation of superior technology development and understanding of industry goals and challenges provides him the necessary experience and foresight to enhance ClearSign’s business model through the development of strategic partnerships within his industry network.

Dr. Jim Deller
Dr. Jim DellerChief Executive Officer

Meet Our Team

Brent Hinds
Brent HindsVP of Finance
Brent joined ClearSign with 16 years of finance experience and 7 years financial reporting and strategy management. He has a background focused on global sales, manufacturing, and… Read More
Matthew Martin
Matthew MartinChief Technology Officer
Matthew has over 20 years of experience in combustion-related industries, with experience in product development, business development, sales, and marketing. Read More
Jeff Lewallen
Jeff LewallenBusiness Lead for the Refining and Petrochemical Product Lines.
Jeff joined ClearSign with 27 years’ experience in the burner industry, including the management of… Read More
Manny Menendez
Manny MenendezPresident ClearSign Asia
Manny has more than 35 years of industry experience building and operating businesses in China and throughout… Read More
Dr. Venkatesh Iyer
Dr. Venkatesh IyerEngineering Manager

Employee Spotlight

Dr. Venkatesh Iyer joined ClearSign in 2017 with 9 years of combustion experience. Prior to joining ClearSign, he worked on thermoelectric regeneration to recycle waste heat from biomass combustion systems. This technology was used to provide electricity while drastically reducing harmful particulate emissions. Venky has always had a passion for environmentally friendly combustion, and he brings that passion to ClearSign’s product development. He has had a vital role in the development of our Process Burners and Boiler Burners and these products’ ability to reach sub-5ppm NOx and sub-2.5ppm NOx respectively. He is now expanding his influence and leadership to manage our engineering functions at ClearSign.

“I was fascinated by ClearSign Technologies because it is an innovative technology with unparalleled emissions capabilities. I’m thrilled to see our Boiler products being installed in the field and to be a part of the emissions reduction impacts around the world thanks to ClearSign Core burners”

Our Core Values