Research & Development

ClearSign’s state-of-the-art research and development facility allowed us to advance projects from ideation and prototype testing to completed commercialized products.

Performance Targets Aimed to Achieve the Widest Range of Operability




Seamless Transitions From Conventional Technologies to ClearSign Technologies.

Improving current products to fit customer needs while simultaneously pursuing new technologies to improve operations in industrial applications.

ClearSign’s combination of technical and industry expertise creates revolutionary industry solutions. This technical expertise propels the development of research initiatives that push the boundaries of how and why our solutions safely and effectively operate. The ClearSign team has backgrounds in mechanical, chemical, and aerospace engineering and physics as well as specializations in combustion, fluid dynamics, flame chemistry, heat transfer, and the interaction of pollutants with our environment. Our research and development team collaboratively work with our industry experts to understand the challenges facing operators.

With the original discovery of our ultra-low NOx burner design, ClearSign has paved the way with industry leading NOx reduction solutions. From process burners, boiler burners and flares we have the ability to transition the ultra-low NOx results to other industry segments where the technology has proven to be significant. ClearSign also has the ability to solve industry problems on a per case basis based upon industry need and regulatory requirements.

The ClearSign research and development facility has given us the ability to scale and transition the technology and achieve significant gains for the industries we serve. With realistic furnace and boiler conditions that we control on a more rigorous basis, we can better monitor what is happening in the process from injection to stabilization. We have the ability to quantify the entire process and tailor and optimize using a variety gases. We can provide our customers the service of recreating their particular site’s problems and work to find site appropriate solutions.

Recent Publications Guided by Research

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