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ClearSign Core™
Process Burner Technology

Finally, a disruptive technology for
new heaters and retrofit applications


ClearSign Core™
Process Burner Technology

Finally, a disruptive technology for
new heaters and retrofit applications


Process Burner Industries

Successful Commercial Installations

We have successfully installed our process burner in a variety of heaters. Click the button below to find our installation list.


Why ClearSign Core™

With environmental challenges pushing NOx emissions to lower levels, the intersection between conventional ultra-low NOx burners flame volumes and retrofitting into heaters designed for conventional flames, the only solution for NOx reduction was to add a post combustion SCR system to a heater.


ClearSign Core™ Process Burner

A Case Study.

Watch as Dr. Jim Deller and Jeff Lewallen discuss how a combination of technology advancements and customer feedback result in ClearSign’s industry-leading process burner design and ground-breaking NOx reduction technology.


How We

Can Help

Call or email us today to find out how we can replace your current technology at little or no cost to you.



No Cost Equipment Option

ClearSign Technologies has formed a unique business alliance, ideally leveraging us to provide more than a technical solution.  We are able to provide our Texas customers the ability to install our leading Process Burner technology without having to spend capital for the equipment.

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Q – What level of airside pressure drop can the burner handle? I have a forced draft application and the pressure drop is utilized to even the air distribution in air ducting to the burners.2019-10-23T16:35:30+00:00

The burners can be designed to operate with an airside pressure drop as high as 12 in. H2O.

Q – Where can I see ClearSign Core™ burners in operation?2019-11-24T02:20:40+00:00

Please contact us and we can arrange a demonstration in our test facility located in Seattle, Washington and also some field installations.

Q – What amount of hydrogen in my fuel can the burner be designed to handle?2019-10-23T16:34:20+00:00

Depending on the range of fuels required for operation, the hydrogen level in fuel can be handled from 0% up to 75% on a volume basis.

Q – What kind of turndown range can I expect to control my NOx and CO emissions?2019-11-24T02:24:54+00:00

A turndown range of 5:1 is possible for controlling pollutants.

Q – My heater has a floor fired heat intensity greater than 300,000 Btu/hr/ft2. Can ClearSign’s core burner technology still meet low NOx emissions?2019-11-18T20:53:14+00:00

Absolutely, unlike current ultra low NOx burners, ClearSign’s technology does not achieve low NOx emissions solely on flue gas entrainment within the furnace.  Due to its well mixed fuel and air stream, the burner generates extremely low NOx.  Even with disruptive furnace currents and reduced flue gas recirculation within the furnace, the burners will still produce industry leading NOx emissions.

Q – Does the burner require a warmup period for operation?2019-11-24T02:24:18+00:00

No.  Once the burner pilot is ignited, the main flame can be brought online and ramped up within your heater’s standard operating procedure.

Q – What kind of fuel pressure is required?2019-10-23T16:31:49+00:00

The burner can be designed to operate with 20 – 35 psig.  The design can work at lower pressures, but it may impact turndown.

Q – If my operators operate the burner with higher than desired levels of O2 will this affect my NOx emissions?2019-11-24T02:21:54+00:00

Yes, if the furnace is designed to operate at 3% O2 and is actually run at higher oxygen levels due to wind or other operating issues, the NOx from the burners will actually reduce.  This is on a raw NOx and a corrected NOx basis.

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