Reducing NOx and CO emissions to below annual limits is the objective of the petrochemical manufacturing process. ClearSign’s burner designs allow operators to maintain performance efficiencies in existing equipment.


Industry Products

Products to enhance the petrochemical industry.

ClearSign Core™ Process Burner

ClearSign Core™ process burners are ideal for existing heaters where NOx solutions with an SCR are too expensive and current generation ultra-low NOx burners cannot meet the NOx emissions or fit the flame volume into the existing furnace. Retrofits include: ethylene heaters both gas feed and liquid feed.

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ClearSign Core™ Boiler Burner

ClearSign Core™ boiler burners are a disruptive technology with advanced product features that enable sub 5ppm NOx performance in a simple to use, automated package that provides seamless integration into legacy control architectures and operational protocols.

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