Partnership Starts Here

Achieving strategic growth requires strong and diverse channel partners. ClearSign is committed to aligning with the best-in-class partners for value-added ideas, materials and products to help us meet and exceed customer expectations.

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Become a ClearSign Partner

What can a partnership with ClearSign do for your company? In an industry that’s typically price competitive, we offer a unique solution. Through better emissions and ability to operate in very tight spaces, each of our partners is able to offer a tangible, cost-efficient value. Our partnerships give our partners the chance to have a product in their portfolio that is not just one against many but something unique they can offer to their customers.

What do potential partners offer ClearSign?

We look for our partners to invest in the promotion of the technology. As part of a collaborative arrangement, with both ClearSign and our partner recognizing that there is a distinct value to the partner, the customer, and to ClearSign. All parties should benefit.

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Why are partnerships important to ClearSign?

It starts with a phone call. Every partnership is different; customer, regions and the value of our products to each region and customer base is unique. While there are similarities between our partnerships, the details of the arrangement will vary depending on the circumstance. “If you’re interested, call us.” Every partner to the agreement will contribute something that makes the whole better than the parts.

Let’s Work Together

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