Company Innovations Reduce Emissions

Hydrocarbon Processing NOx Reduction

New Burner structure targets significant NOx reduction Heat Transfer Hydrocarbon Processing 2017

Duplex™ for Refinery Process

Duplex Refinery Technology for Refinery Process Heaters White Paper

Hydrocarbon Engineering

California Dreaming Hydrocarbon Engineering July 2017

A Creative Innovation in Industrial Combustion Technology

Duplex A creative innovation in industrial combustion technology

Technology Achieves Reduced NOx Emissions at California Refinery

Technology achieves reduced NOx emissions at California Refinery Oil and Gas Journal

New Technology Slashes NOx Emissions

New Technology slashes NOx emissions at Californai Refinery Oil & Gas Journal

Duplex™ Lessons Learned and Roadblocks Overcome to its Success

Duplex lessons learned and roadblocks overcome to its success AFRC 2019