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ClearSign and the Aerospace Industry

ClearSign has signed a research and development contract with a leading global aerospace company to diversify the use of our existing ClearSign Eye™ sensing technology.  While this technology is currently being commercialized for use in the combustion industry, it has also demonstrated capabilities that are useful for commercial and military aircrafts. Over the next few

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ClearSign Offers No Equipment Cost Option

ClearSign Technologies has formed a unique business alliance, ideally leveraging us to provide more than a technical solution.  We are able to provide our Texas customers the ability to install our leading Process Burner technology without having to spend capital for the equipment. CEO Jim Deller met with a few customers to understand the

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ClearSign Signs Formal Agreement with California Boiler

We are thrilled to announce the signing of a supply and business development agreement with California Boiler.  Our teams met yesterday in California, and we are extremely pleased to formalize this agreement.  We have seen the very high quality and efficiency of their work along with the exceptional services they provide to our mutual customers.

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