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ClearSign Completes Installation of Duplex™ Technology at Tricor Refining

Today, ClearSign announced the completion and customer acceptance, and payment for its DUPLEX™ retrofit heater project at Tricor Refining in Bakersfield, California. “The Tricor installation represents the second completed and accepted application of ClearSign’s patented technology within the refinery segment,” according to ClearSign Chairman and CEO Steve Pirnat. READ MORE

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ClearSign Announces Turnover of Pilot Test Heater to California Refiner

Today, ClearSign announced customer acceptance and turn over to operations of the previously announced refinery pilot test unit with an undisclosed California refiner. “This customer was very supportive of ClearSign and has been an excellent partner in applying our technology to their refinery,” said ClearSign Chairman and CEO Steve Pirnat. READ MORE

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ClearSign at Work: Steam Generators in California

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but could it also be worth thousands, or tens of thousands, of dollars? Can you spot the difference? Take a look at the image above – the steam generators appear identical at first, but upon closer inspection you can spot one significant difference: one

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