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Market Assessment of Emerging Ultra Low-NOX Burner Technologies

A recent publication highlighted the performance of the ROGUE Burner equipped with ClearSign Core Technology, emphasizing its remarkable performance in reducing NOx emissions “close to sub 1ppm NOx.” Our burner utilizes air fuel premixing, internal Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR), and patented distil flame holder technology. “ClearSign’s burner has been purposely developed to be ULN from

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ClearSign Technologies Corporation to Present at iAccess Alpha’s – Top 10 Best Ideas from the Buyside Virtual Conference – September 26st – 27th, 2023

TULSA, Okla., September 19, 2023 -- ClearSign Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq: CLIR) ("ClearSign" or the "Company"), an emerging leader in industrial combustion and sensing technologies that improve energy, operational efficiency and safety while dramatically reducing emissions has been invited to present at iAccess Alpha’s – Top 10 Best Ideas from the Buyside Virtual Investor conference, which

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Crafting Boiler Burners that Meet or Exceed NOx Emission Targets

Crafting Boiler Burners that Meet or Exceed NOx Emission Targets Thorough mixing of combustion air, fuel, and high volumes of flue gas is a very effective approach to almost eliminate both thermal NOx and prompt NOx. Author: Donald Kendrick, Venkatesh Iyer, Manny Menendez, Steve Sock, and Jim Deller Jan 19th, 2022 Nitrogen

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Oil & Gas Journal:ExxonMobil lets contract for NOx-reducing technology at Baytown refining complex

ExxonMobil Corp.'s Baytown integrated refining petrochemicals complex. Photo from ExxonMobil Corp. ExxonMobil Corp. has let a contract to ClearSign Technologies Corp. to provide its proprietary nitrogen oxide (NOx)-reduction technology at its 561,000-b/d integrated refining and petrochemical complex in Baytown, Tex. Author: Robert Brelsford Jun 17th, 2020 ExxonMobil

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Greater Baytown: Company Innovations Reduce Emissions

ClearSign is pleased to share an article written by Mark Fleming in the July edition of Greater Baytown featuring our process burner technology and the upcoming ExxonMobil installation. Fleming highlights the technology's emissions reduction and increased energy and operational efficiencies. Read Full Publication

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New Article in HE: Emissions Enhancement

ClearSign and ASHCOR co-wrote an article you’ll find in the October issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering. It introduces an efficient combustion solution for oil and gas operators that can increase DRE while lowering NOX and CO emissions. Download the full article below. EMISSIONS ENHANCEMENTS

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ClearSign’s Duplex™ Plug & Play in Oil & Gas Journal

Don’t miss this Oil & Gas Journal April 2019 article where Douglas Karkow, Venkatesh Iyer, James Dansie and Donald Kendrick showcase how ClearSign was able to successfully breakthrough and retrofit its Duplex Plug & Play technology in an up-fired process heater at a California refinery. It helped reduce NOx emissions to sub-6 ppm. OGJ

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