ClearSign Technology Corporation continues to evolve its ClearSign Core™ Technology which yields unprecedented emissions and turndown levels to the Firetube boiler market. This robust, $2B USD+ market is currently underserved with either traditional/diffusion style burners delivering over 50ppm NOx, costly SCR systems with their associated high CAPEX, OPEX and ammonia slip and/or complex and costly DLN systems running at high excess air conditions and reduced Thermal efficiency. Clearsign’s disruptive technology, conversely, achieves unparalleled NOx levels without catalyst, reagents or high excess air conditions.

Clearsign’s dedicated R&D team has developed and successfully tested its firetube boiler product embodiment in a 1990’s vintage, 125HP Cleaver Brooks, 4 pass, dry-back boiler, reducing NOx emissions from 80+ppm running on the OEM burner to 5ppm at ~4%O2 and achieving > 5:1 turndown. The system has been fully automated and runs on a state-of-the-art, Siemens LMV52 control architecture.

As with its process burner counterpart, the core components include a fuel and air delivery system, mixing tube, distal pilot and patented ceramic based module. The entire system comes as a retrofittable package that can be easily inserted into the existing OEM burner opening with minimal system modifications, just a small software update. ClearSign is currently working with its industry partners to scale up the technology over 3 times.