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Q – How does ClearSign Core™ Technology Work?

A distal porous ceramic flameholder is located downstream of the conventional flame holder/burner location. Fuel pokers inject fuel towards the ceramic body and entrain FGR as the cold PREMIX thoroughly mixes as it approaches the flame holder. A small burner near the module ensures flame stability and continuous ignition. High radiant heat transfer is ensured

Q – My heater has a floor fired heat intensity greater than 300,000 Btu/hr/ft2. Can ClearSign’s core burner technology still meet low NOx emissions?

Absolutely, unlike current ultra low NOx burners, ClearSign’s technology does not achieve low NOx emissions solely on flue gas entrainment within the furnace.  Due to its well mixed fuel and air stream, the burner generates extremely low NOx.  Even with disruptive furnace currents and reduced flue gas recirculation within the furnace, the burners will still

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